Verification of accessions in the International Cocoa Genebank, Trinidad

Due to considerable movement of material into and out of the International Cocoa Genebank, Trinidad (ICG,T), there is greater potential for the misplacement of cacao material.  As overseer of this important cacao germplasm collection, CRU systematically checks trees in the ICG,T, to confirm the identity of accessions and thereby minimise/avoid mistakes in identity of material used in research, and material distributed to the cocoa community world-wide.

The increasing transfer of material among different countries necessitates careful attention to accurate labelling for research objectives to be met and to maintain integrity and transferability of results.

Verification activities. Image copyright Cocoa Research Centre.

CRU employs two techniques established at CRU for verification.

The first, morphological descriptors, looks at the material at the phenotypic level (physical features of the accessions); the second, molecular analysis (such as RAPD or SSR), examines it at the molecular level.  In combination these techniques provide a verification system that affords a high degree of confidence to users of the ICG,T.

CRU aims to confirm at least four true-type trees per plot for every accession in the ICG,T, working initially from a priority list of clones known to have useful traits, such as disease resistance, good quality characteristics and/or good yield potential.


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