Academic/Research Staff | Technical and Administrative Staff


Cocoa Research Centre (CRC) staff consists of administrative staff, the Head and the Secretary; a set of core professional staff, contract scientific staff working on various research projects, adjunct staff from CIRAD, France; technicians, technical assistants, laboratory assistants associated with the various laboratories, and field and greenhouse labour. Click the links above to view staff pages with a list of names of staff members and staff profile links.

In addition to the core staff CRC works with staff from various faculties and departments of the University of the West Indies towards implementing specific projects.

The CRC has four (4) research laboratories specialising in specific disciplines viz. (i) Morpho-physiological Descriptor Laboratory (ii) Genetics and Molecular Biology Laboratory (iii) Plant Pathology Laboratory (iv) Postharvest Processing, Flavour Profiling and Value-addition Laboratory.

The Cocoa Research Centre manages a field genebank consisting of approximately 2400 accessions and over 1000 breeding lines maintained in a 100 acre farm; as well as a number of research and propagation greenhouses. 

CRC staff also provide professional services as well as public service. Some of these are outlined in CRC Outreach and Professional Services.