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United Nations Common Fund For Commodities

United Nations Common Fund For Commodities


The Cocoa Research Centre's research projects are supported financially by several agencies. From 1998 to 2003 the United Nations Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) contributed to a number of our projects (Resistance enhancement and screening, field assessment, the project collection) as part of the international project on "Cocoa Germplasm Utilization and Conservation: A Global Approach". Activities associated with this international project officially ended on March 31st, 2004.

Another CFC-supported project on cocoa flavour launched in 2001 ended in .

The 5-year, international project titled Cocoa Productivity and Quality Improvement: A Participatory Approach began in June, 2004 and ended in 2009.

Details of research projects financed in whole or in part by the CFC are summarised here.

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