The mission of the Cocoa Research Centre is

to support the sustainability of the cocoa sector through management of genetic resources, research, innovation and outreach.

  • Maintaining a diverse, representative and well-curated field collection of cocoa genetic resources
  • Creating a learning environment of global excellence with a set of core professional staff, project contract staff, adjunct staff from other institutions, adjunct staff from other departments across faculties, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students.
  • Supporting public policy and decision making with respect to cocoa industries in the region.
  • Developing an innovation-oriented research programme, capable of spawning competitive industries.
  • Developing a strong outreach programme by serving as a portal to all the University’s resources to support the regional, and international cocoa industries.

The vision is

to develop Cocoa Research Centre into a globally recognised centre of excellence in research and genetic resources by 2020.