Food Safety

Component 2 - Three year project: 2011-2014

Specific objectives

  1. Undertaking an analysis of quality management systems in participating countries to determine the status and gaps.
  2. Training of producers, processors and shippers on Good Agricultural practices
  3. Support for traceability support development
  4. Residue contamination testing and certification systems development for mycotoxin and Cadmium
  5. Support the accreditation of laboratories


Training of exporters / agents/ government agencies (20 persons)

Preparation of laboratories for certification

Training of laboratory technicians

Expected results

  1. Government agencies have incorporated traceability and certification systems (Traceability and certification training)
  2. The entire industry trained on good agricultural practices
  3. Between 3-5 laboratories are accredited to provide residue contamination testing services (accredited, trained, testing protocols developed)

Activities to be conducted

  1. Awareness building
    • Client -  Government/ agencies in seven countries
    • Area – Food safety, GAP, traceability, testing for contaminents
    • Publicity
  2. Traceability implementation
    • Perform GAP analysis
    • Set up laboratories
  3. Training on physical and sensorial aspects – buyers and exporters
  4. Farmer field school (under component 1) – Implement GAP training.
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