Improvement of Productivity and Quality

Component 1 - One year project: October 2011 – October 2012.

Overall Goals

  1. Support increase in production and productivity (FFS)
  2. Support Improve postharvest processing (FFS)
  3. Support direct export of quality cocoa beans
  4. Improve image of these countries through participation in international events
  5. Caribbean brand inside which each country can highlight its own specificity

Specific objectives

  1. Farmer field school programme
  2. Branding programme


37 groups over 7 countries

Expected results

  1. Production and productivity
    • Improve information on baseline
    • Improve production level of cocoa
    • Increase the number of producers
    • Increase area under cultivation / rehabilitated area
  2. Improvement of postharvest practices
    • Producer groups ready for benchmarking, fermentation, drying, food safety
  3. Producer group branding
    • General characteristics of the Caribbean identified, producer group brand identified
  4. Direct Export Contracts
    • Target markets and potential partners identified

Activities to be conducted

  1. Formalise co-financing - CDE
  2. Organise a  train-the-trainer workshop at the Cocoa Research Centre at the end of October, 2011, involving subject matter specialists from each country as well as experienced producers and extension officers.
  3. Conduct Farmer Field School Training in the 7 participating countries – conducted by the Local coordinator along with subject matter specialists.
  4. Collect baseline data on Cocoa Production and Practices
    • Production, acres, yields, processes
  5. Evaluate and collect statistics to determine improvement
  6. Branding assistance – Genetic/ organoleptic
  7. Image building
  8. Market Access / Market Assistance
  9. Determine additional training and support needs.
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