CFC/ICCO/INIAP Flavour project

United Nations Common Fund For Commodities International Cocoa Organization Instituto Nacional Autónomo de Investigaciones Agropecuarias del Ecuador

The central objective of the project was to provide universally accepted criteria to differentiate between fine/flavour and bulk cocoas. More specifically, the project aimed to evaluate the characteristics of fine/flavour and bulk cocoas through a series of scientific evaluations of physical, chemical and organoleptic parameters and provide methodologies, standards and instruments for universal use in differentiating fine/flavour from bulk cocoa.

The results of the project can contribute to improving the competitive position of fine/flavour cocoa as a distinctive product and, once established, fine/flavour cocoa should be able to retain and/or increase the premium which it typically commands on the market.

There are four categories of operators in the cocoa sector which stand to directly benefit from the project results:

  1. smallholder farmers should receive higher prices for fine/flavour cocoa beans;
  2. cocoa traders and exporters should experience fewer problems in standardising, grading and certifying batches of fine/flavour cocoa beans at the source of origin;
  3. manufacturers should benefit from a reduction in the risks associated with buying products from sources where supplies are currently unreliable, with regard to both quality and quantity of fine/flavour cocoa beans; and
  4. since poor quality beans directly affect the quality and cost of the end-product, consumers should benefit from higher and more consistent quality chocolate.

In addition to core funding for this project from the CFC, funding was also provided by: Government Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (GORTT)
Guittard Chocolate Company, Burlingame, USA Guittard Chocolate Company
Lindt & Sprüngli Lindt and Sprüngli
World Cocoa Foundation WCF (formerly the American Cocoa Research Institute)


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