Certification Marks for Cocoa


Steps to development of a Certification Mark

Steps to development of a Certification Mark


Development of a Certification Mark begins with an entity (a company or other establishment) with the ability to certify the good (or service), such as cocoa. The entity must be able to perform assessments and evaluate the good for quality. This entity can choose a symbol and set specific rules for the mark, that persons wishing to use the mark must follow in order to qualify and be authorised as users of the mark.

The next step would be applying for the registration of the mark through the local IP office. Once the mark is granted, then promotion and advertisement is important as this will build the reputation of the mark and thus increase its value as it becomes recognised and associated with a high quality good. Recognition increases with proper marketing and with time, the value of the mark can become greater, unless by poor control of the use of the mark and lack of supervision of the use, the quality of goods that have the mark deteriorates. Thus, the quality of the good that uses the mark will affect the reputation of the mark, and quality control is therefore as important as marketing.



Sources of Information

WIPO website | Trinidad and Tobago IP Office



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