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Assessment of cocoa quality and flavour

  • the study of cocoa fermentation and cocoa drying
  • assessment of dried and fermented beans
  • production of cocoa liquors and chocolates
  • organoleptic evaluation of cocoa liquors and chocolates
  • analysis of data obtained
  • participation in collaborative work in flavour and quality of cocoa
  • and training of persons interested in the assessment of cocoa quality and flavour

Sensory evaluation of cocoa liquors at Cocoa Research Centre - Image copyright Cocoa Research Centre

Organoleptic assessment of cocoa liquors

Student Supervision

Staff are also involved in supervision of post-graduate students:

  • Two M.Phil. students in the Department of Chemistry (Sheldon Pilgrim and Ashaki Andrews).  Main Supervisor: Ivan Chang Yen
  • Ph.D. Food Science and Technology student (Naailah Ali) Main supervisor: Gail Baccus-Taylor

and also offer advice for numerous B.Sc. undergraduate student projects in the Faculty of Science and Agriculture and Faculty of Engineering.